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How your genes make you who you are


Your parents are not your parents for no reason. Your grandparents and even grand-grandparents, as well. All of them have somehow contributed to the person that you are today. You are unique because of them. You have taken a characteristic from your mother, another from your granddad, others from your father and you became a unique individual. There are no other human beings that are exactly like you. Not even your twin, if you have one. You may look the same, but you are different.



We all have received a number of genes from our parents, who, in turn, have received the genes from their parents. Then, these genes are in the chromosomes that make up our DNA, which is the thing that decides the color of our skin, the color of our eyes and hair, our aspect, height, weight, etc.


Have you ever wondered where you get your phobias from? Well, it may be, of course, a consequence of an event that has happened back in your childhood and that has scared you to death. But, if you do not have an explanation, then you should definitely ask your parents if they are afraid of the same things you are afraid of. Sometimes, phobias are directly transmitted to us, so we have the right to blame our genes for them.


Your development

Without doubts, our genes play an important part in our development as a personality. But are they really decisive when we get to shape our own views on life? Will we be as healthy as our parents if we do not have a balanced diet? Moreover, we will not always share the same opinions as our parents. Remember, you are a totally unique human being!

Your parents may be doctors, but you are interested in painting. This is not because you are not your parents’ child, but because you have grown up in a different environment and have interacted with different kinds of people. Your learning abilities may, as well, depend on your genes, but it is you who decides if these genes are “enabled” or not.



Nowadays, there are people who struggle with accepting who they are. They are special just the way they are.

Even if they have beliefs and values that have been set long ago, and others may, of course, not like them, they have to be proud of their individuality. These people should also take into account that all of these values may be turned upside down throughout life. There are experiences that make them feel that all that they had faith in was not worth it.

Of course, it is said that we are born with some of the characteristics of our personality, but this does not mean that we will keep them forever. We are “adjustable”. Only we can make these changes.


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