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Craps is one of the complex casino games played with a pair of dice on a special craps table. It has an elaborate betting structure with numerous betting options, making it in no way recommended for a newbie in the gambling world. One who has some experience in different casino games can master it without much effort. Craps is not a game as popular as video poker or roulette on online casinos even though there are craps fanatics all over the world. In Canada, many casinos offer the free craps game as well as that for real money.

Craps online rules

The rules of the craps are more or less the same in the online and traditional versions. The game is played using a craps table and a pair of dice. The casino craps table is divided into various sections, namely Pass, Don’t pass, Field, Come, Don’t come and so on. Placing a bet on a specific section entails a particular structure of the game with its rules, odds, payouts, etc. 

For instance, let’ see the steps to play ‘Come’ bet on craps.

  1. You place your bet in the ‘Come’ area of the table.
  2. The shooter rolls the pair of dice. 
  3. If the result is 7 or 11, you win. If it is 2, 3, or 12, you lose the bet.
  4. If the result is any one of the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, that number becomes your ‘Come point’. For example, let’s say you got a 6. Now the aim is to get the same number 6 as output in the next roll.
  5. The shooter rolls the dice again. If the result is the Come point, 6, you win.
  6. If the result is 7, you lose.
  7. If the result is neither 7 nor 6, the dice are rolled again. The objective is to get an output 6 before you get a 7. 

Play craps online for free

Canada has many gambling sites providing online craps casino games for free. Most of the online casinos that have craps offer a free version as well. Here are some examples:

Table with Live Craps Game – Shot
Ongoing online craps table – natural view captured.
  • Casino Room Casino. It has a free version of the same craps game it offers to the real-money players.
  • Though it is not a casino, it offers to the online visitors a version of craps for free play.
  • Spin Palace Casino. Free craps online is also available with a download version.

Who provides free craps games online?

It’s good to know the sources of the craps games available for you to play online for free. Mostly, the free craps games available online don’t restrict you in the number of games of how much time you play. These free services are provided by various entities. They are listed below.

  • Online casinos. The primary sources for free craps games online are the usual online casinos. If there is a casino that offers craps in the list of their casino games, most probably it also allows you to play it for free. Sometimes, you may have to register a free account.
  • Casino/gambling-related sites. Online sites doing analysis and review of casinos sometimes provide a list of free games or links to casinos that offer them.
  • Software providers. Though it is rare, software providers themselves offer free versions of games produced by them. Sometimes, they provide links to casinos that offer the free version of the provider’s games, e.g., the NetEnt website.

Who can play craps online for free?

When it comes to free online craps games, many conditions or restrictions do not generally apply. Since the free games are available online, anyone that can access the site can play the free game too. Especially with the casinos or craps online free websites that don’t require you to sign up, it’s effortless. Some sites have country restrictions. If your country is restricted, you will not be able to access it.


What is the difference between a Pass bet and a Come bet?
There are no significant differences except that in Pass bet, the bet is placed before establishing the ‘Point’ whereas in ‘Come’ bet, the game starts with you betting when the Point is already set.
Are there any reward programs for players on free craps casinos?
The free game casinos only provide you with the facility for playing games for free. Usually, there are no reward programs.
Can I learn the rules of craps free of cost?
There are many free online tutorials and videos of playing craps that explain the rules one by one.

Craps is a slightly different game compared to most casino games. It uses dice on a table and has complex gameplay and betting rules. Craps casino game is one of the games that require a lot of hours of free practice to master its intricacies. One who wants to learn the craps casino game must make use of all the different options available online in Canada to try it for free. Once you know it inside out, the game gets really exciting.

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