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Gamblers that play casino online games may be classified in many different ways. We may divide them by the kind of games they like, such as video poker or slots. We may also distinguish them as ones who always choose casinos or games with great bonuses and promotions while other regular players enjoy the game without much concern for such offers. Criteria are many. Here, let’s see players that prefer to play casino games for free in contrast to those who like to play games with real money.

Online Casino games classification

First, it’s necessary to understand what kind of games one usually finds in casinos. This is helpful for the players that are new to the world of casinos and gambling. In any casino, the games available are widely classified into two. They are majorly known as the ‘slots’ and the ‘games.’ The games section usually has subdivisions such as table games, card games (mainly poker), and other games of chance. 

Online slots are the virtual version of the classical slot machines. They have wheels known as reels arranged vertically with symbols on them. When you activate the game, the reels rotate, and when they stop, the sequence formed by the combined symbols can make you a winner if it matches any of the predefined winning combos. Online versions have given slots vast scope for innovations that it has become extremely different in looks and operation from the classic slots.

The list of casino games other than the slots includes the digital versions of table games such as the roulette and craps. You can also find a wide range of poker varieties and other games using cards like baccarat and blackjack. Apart from these, various games of chance like the bingo or other lottery games may also be found.

Why play free online casino games

Now, let’s see why free online games exist and why you play them. There could be different reasons for players to go for free online casino games.

Live Play – Online Casino Table Photo
Natural view on a live casino table.
  • New players. New players entering the world of casinos and gambling every day are not very clear about the rules of the casino games and are oblivious to the intricacies and pitfalls they may come across. For them, free casino online games are the best option. They can and must try as much and as many games as possible for free before they gain adequate knowledge about the game world, get used to the various gameplays and build sufficient confidence and formulate some sort of strategies of their own. If they plunge directly into playing games with real games, they may lose a lot of money.
  • Entertainment-oriented gamers. Some players are not really into the money. They merely play the casino games for fun. Also, some people are not that smart in planning or business-like calculations. Instead, they only want to spend some time to relax and take a short break from their daily tiring routines. Casino games online free versions are a great pastime to such players.
  • Budget players. The third category of players is those who love real money gaming but restrict themselves at times to manage their monthly budget. They have a fixed monthly budget set aside for gaming, and if they have used that up without any winnings, they prefer casino free games the rest of the month to be economical.

Sources for free online casino games

That said, now where do you get games for free. Which are the sources that provide you with free casino games online? Finding free casino games online is easier than you think. Most of the online casinos allow you to play their games for free. Also, there are dedicated sites that are not casinos themselves but provide a list of free games. The sites will be updated regularly with new casino games free to access. Below are a few online casinos and casino-related sites that offer you a wide variety of free game options.

Free games casinos
Ruby Fortune: Using a guest account, you can try all the games available on the casino for free.Party casino: Allows playing all the games available on it for free. Sign-up required.Jackpot City: All the slots, table games, and video poker are available for free play. Sign-up required.Europa casino: Over 400 casino games free, including slots, table games, and card games. No sign-up required.

Casino-related sites More than 150 free slots that can be filtered by game type, provider software, or game feature for free play.Hex online: Hundreds of games including slots, video poker, blackjack, and baccarat available for free A wide range of free casino games for fun, including slots, video poker, and Provides more than 2000 slots for free play.

How to play free casino games online

Usually, the casinos provide a ‘play for real money’ version and a ‘Play for free’ version. You can choose the free casino game version and play with all the features and gaming procedures as in a real game. You place a bet for the amount you wish and make other choices such as the number of autoplay spins and the coin value. The game proceeds as in the real game. You will be eligible for all the jackpots and other features as in the real game, but only virtually. It will show how much you earned, the jackpots you won, and so on. However, you can only view them on the screen. You cannot cash any real money as you are not playing with real money. You can use such free casino games for fun only.


Do I need to register an account to play casino games for free?
It depends on the casinos. Some of them offer you direct access without any registration. Some require you to create an account to access the free games. 
How can I know if a listed game can be played for free?
Usually, when you hover over a free game thumbnail, the 'Play for free' button will be displayed.  The word 'free' could be replaced with 'fun', 'trial,' or 'demo,' on some sites.
Are free slots and games available on mobile?
Yes. Whatever casinos you can access on the mobile for real money can be accessed for free games, too.

Free games are a great option and even a blessing to many. Online casinos offer such opportunities to introduce new players into the world of gaming. New players can use it to practice the games and form a good understanding of them. It can save a lot of money for the uninitiated. One can always play as much one wants and get used to the games until one becomes ready to spend money on them. And there is no shortage of sources in Canada for anyone who wants to try them. 

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