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Baccarat Online Play in Canada Guide

Baccarat is one of the simplest card games that has been popular since the 19th century. It is one of the games using cards that a beginner in the gambling sphere can easily try. There are various popular varieties to play baccarat online. However, the basic rules remain the same. The game is played between players but between the player and the dealer. Many of the Canadian online casinos and other sites provide numerous options for players to play the game for free.

Basic rules of the baccarat game

It is a card-comparison game and is played as a dealer-player game. The dealer (or banker) and player are dealt two cards each. The values of the cards are compared, and the one who gets more closer to 9 wins. 9 is the highest score you can achieve. You can bet on the player or the banker. When the win is with value 9, it is called a ‘Natural,’ and the payout is 1:1. If the hands of both the player and the dealer get the same value, it is a ‘tie’. In this case, a third card may be drawn. Also, as per the rules of the different baccarat varieties, a third card may be drawn in special situations predetermined by the casino. You can quickly get used to the rules by playing an online baccarat free game for a while.

When you play baccarat games, there is a peculiarity in counting the card value. An ace carries the value 1. Cards 2 to 9 have their original numerical value. Cards, 10, J, Q, and K are considered zero value. When the two cards’ values are totalled, if the result is a two-digit number, only the unit’s place value is taken. For instance, cards 9 and 2 give a total of 1 and not 11.

Betting and odds in the baccarat casino game

In the basic casino baccarat game, you can place bets in three different ways as follows.

Baccarat Live Canadian Table – Art
  • Bet on the player: If you bet on the player and the player wins, you win 1:1
  • Bet on the banker (dealer): If you bet on the banker and the banker wins, you win 1:1. However, you have to pay a 5% commission in this case.Β 
  • Bet on a tie: If you bet on a tie and the result turns out to be in favour, i.e., the player and banker get the same hand value for the cards, then you win 8:1. Suppose you don’t bet on a tie; instead you bet on the player or the dealer, and a tie happens, your wager amount will be returned to you.

Free baccarat options online

For new players, it’s good to try the free version of the baccarat game to gain adequate experience before they move to play with real money. In Canada, many online casinos provide free online baccarat options for anyone. Some online destinations with a good selection of different varieties of the baccarat casino game to play for free are listed below. You can play many of them even without registering an account or signing up.

Casino Baccarat options
Genesis casino High Limit Baccarat, Baccarat Gold, Multihand Baccarat and many other free baccarat online versions to try.
Spin PalaceΒ  Offers free game version for High Limit, Classic Baccarat, and Baccarat Gold.
Slots Million Offers different varieties of baccarat online free play options, including Mini baccarat and classic versions from providers like Pragmatic Play and Playtech.

Online baccarat vs traditional baccarat

Though the basic game rules remain the same in both online and offline baccarat games, there are specific differences between the two modalities.

  • Cost: Land-based casino baccarat games are expensive compared to the online baccarat. The minimum bet you can place on an offline casino is much higher compared to that of online casinos. Offline baccarat is usually considered a high roller’s game. However, when you play baccarat online free version, the cost doesn’t matter.
  • Interaction: In land-based casinos, you sit among many players and dealers and have a conversation with them while playing. On an online setup, whether you are playing baccarat free or real money, you cannot see anyone. You just play on the screen.
  • Timing: You can control the game timings in the online game as you are the one who operates the game using the online controls on the screen. In offline casinos, the dealer that controls the game is someone else.


Why is it advised not to bet on a 'tie' even though it fetches 8 to 1 win?
Betting on a tie indeed gives 8 to 1 compared to the standard bet of 1:1. However, the house edge is too high for the tie bet, which means it is an infrequent outcome. You will lose a lot of money on tie bets before you win.
Which is the best bet on a baccarat game?
Betting on the banker (dealer) is considered the best bet in a baccarat game as it yields the lowest house edge, which in other words means the highest RTP.Β 
Do I need to know any other card game such as poker to play baccarat?
No. Baccarat is perhaps the simplest card game, and you can learn it on your own without any experience in other card games.

Baccarat is an excellent game to start with for a beginner in the casino world. It’s one of the simplest card games with easy rules, and hence easy to learn and play. Most of the Canadian online casinos allow anyone to play free baccarat versions of the games available with them. One can make use of it to get experienced in the game before trying one’s hand on the real money game.

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