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Students and Teachers:  please see the Usage section below.

Over the past decade I have amassed a fair collection of amphibian and reptile images.  The images are arranged according to classification - any errors within are mine. 

Image Credits:  The bulk of the images are mine, copyright 2004-2009, Mike Pingleton.  Other contributors are credited.  I am in debt to the many people who have provided some spectacular images.  Many thanks to Ken Felsman, Rick Milas, Tracey Mitchell, Steve Coogan, John Sullivan, John White, Deborah Dana, Steve Stubblefield, Jeff Moorbeck, Larry Fortna, Adam Strasser, Tammi Soutar, Bob Wolf, Tom Mills, Matt Stanman, Ilona Peckham and Jeremy Schumacher. My apologies if I've left anyone out...

Usage, Students and Teachers:  please feel free to use these images for your classes, reports, etc - just drop me a line and let me know!  You are the primary reason I maintain this image catalog!

Usage, Others:  My images can be used (in most cases) with my permission.  A number have ended in up in books and magazines and that's cool.  Please drop me a note.  Images from other contributors not to be used without permission.  If you wish to use any of their images, drop me a note and I'll pass it on.

Contact Me:  Mike Pingleton at pingleto 'at'